Our Incubator

Located in the heart of southern Algeria, our incubator holds a special place as a key driver for the advancement and empowerment of entrepreneurs and young companies across the country.

Our deep commitment is based on the unwavering guidance and support we provide to these intrepid minds, precisely guiding them along the complex path of innovative start-up creation, spanning a variety of sectors.

It's about You

Unexpected Solutions

We do not settle for obvious solutions. We help you create innovative strategies and business ideas that break the mold.

It's All About the Outcome

Invention is nothing without commercialization. We focus on delivering genuinely impactful outcomes for our start-ups.

100% Free Program

No equity, no shares, and no fees. Accepted start-ups do not pay us a single cent, and your company remains 100% yours.

Why Us ?

Tailored Programs

We offer perfectly tailored solutions for your startups, catering to your specific stage. Our offerings include workshops led by industry experts, individual support, and access to our extensive network, which will prepare you for integration into the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Ideation & Strategy

Collaborate with leading entrepreneurs and start-ups to envision the future, refine your innovation strategy, and stay ahead of the curve.


We assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Leveraging lessons learned from start-ups, we can help you build your team, design, and develop products, validate them, and launch them successfully. From advertising and marketing to fundraising, we provide everything you need to kickstart your idea.

Our community

You will have the opportunity to tap into the experience of the IncubMe and SLB community. Our carefully cultivated network comprises industry veterans and entrepreneurs eager to share their individual paths to success, aiding you in optimizing your business potential.

SLB, your first client!

Ideas and startups that innovate by solving a problem of economic, energy or environmental scope, etc., may become partners of global technology leader in energy SLB..

Frequently asked Question

  • qWhat makes the Hub of Excellence Incubator's program different?

    Our tailored approach caters to each startup's unique needs and stage of development. Our program combines a comprehensive incubation process with targeted acceleration strategies, ensuring that startups receive the right support at the right time. Additionally, our strong network of industry experts, mentors, and collaborative partnerships offers startups unparalleled opportunities for growth, learning, and market access. Our focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within a nurturing environment truly distinguishes our program from the rest.

  • qHow much does the program cost?

    The program is free of charge for participants and is financed by our partners. There is also no need to relinquish a stake in the company. In return, we require full commitment from participants for the entire duration of the program.

  • qWhere can I get assistance with filling out the visa forms?

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  • q Where does the program take place?

    Situated within the esteemed premises of the University of Ouargla, our strategic location, where we hold coaching sessions, events, and conferences within the incubator, embodies our commitment to providing startups with an all-encompassing environment that nurtures their growth and success.

  • qHow often are the programs carried out?

    Every program within our incubator operates on its own distinct timeline, tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each initiative. Our commitment to fostering entrepreneurship extends throughout the year, as we offer a continuum of programs designed to cater to a variety of startup stages and industries. Staying informed about registration periods and seeking additional information is effortlessly achievable through our communication channels. Your journey toward entrepreneurial success begins with these simple steps of engagement.

  • qWhat is expected of me during the program?

    If accepted into the program, we expect you to be present for 80% of all days, with the kick-off and the demo day being mandatory for all participants. Furthermore, we expect you to meet the specified deadlines and demonstrate full commitment to the program. We reserve the right to exclude participants who fail to meet our expectations from the program.

  • qWhat does the selection process look like?

    After the submission deadline, we will review all applications and conduct a pre-selection based on internal requirements. We will then contact the shortlisted candidates directly to arrange a 30-minute interview to get to know you better and learn more about your business idea. The final decision will be announced according to the timeline previously provided.

  • qIs it possible to have another job on the side?

    While it is possible to complete the program alongside a regular job, we do not recommend it. The program includes a training day that takes place every week (kickoff and demo day inclusive). Although it is technically possible to be present only one day per week, you will benefit most from the program if you can work on your startup every day.

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